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A long unreleased recording from 2011 - Flesh World's final tracks put to tape before splitting shortly after. Just as sick as the 'Planned Obsolescence' and demo tapes that preceded, 'Idiot Convention' fulfills the thirst for the handful of freaks that Flesh World left an indelible stain on. Over three recordings, Flesh World challenged the way hardcore was delivered at home. The bands that their members were in prior and during Flesh World's existence were the most damaged out - The Zingers, Insurgents, Pathetic Human - all sonic psychotics. Flesh World was the same, re-imagining their own take on the more loose, frenetic side of American hardcore - Die Kreuzten, Mecht Mensch, YDI, United Mutation, VOID etc.. Walls of mess we'd seldom witnessed in these parts. Collectively, a small group of people that messed with the way we'd seen punk, and harboured an aesthetic and dedication to their vision that has inspired Cool Death from day one.